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ISSUE 024: Leaky Bucket Theory

Discover how the leaky bucket theory impacts your lead management strategies and learn practical tips to plug the leaks.

ISSUE 023: Automate for Success

Ready to automate for success? By implementing automation now, you can future-proof your business and stay ahead of the curve.

ISSUE 022: Streamlined Client Relationships

Unlock the potential of streamlined client relationships, revolutionizing the way you engage with clients and deliver exceptional service.

ISSUE 021: Elevate Client Connections

Discover how to effectively elevate client connections to build lasting relationships for increased satisfaction and profitability.

ISSUE 020: Back to Digging

The Dig is back! We're Back to Digging to help you unearth new opportunities with fresh sales and marketing insights.

ISSUE 019: Sales and Marketing Optimization

Sales and marketing are two of the most important aspects of any business. Sales and Marketing Optimization can help increase leads, conversions, and profits.

ISSUE 018: Perceived Indifference

Perceived indifference is when a customer thinks that you don't care about them or they're not important to your business. It doesn't matter if this isn't true.

ISSUE 017: Adhesion and Cohesion

Adhesion and cohesion are essential if you want a better return on your sales and marketing activities. Create a more unified, effective business.

ISSUE 016: Lead Follow Up System

Are you spending hard-earned money to generate leads but failing to convert those leads into closed sales? Maximize your results using a lead follow up system.

ISSUE 015: Repeatable Predictable Measurable

Is your marketing repeatable predictable measurable? Any successful marketing campaign must have these three key elements to drive traffic and convert leads.

ISSUE 014: Ramp It Up

Google Ads can bring in leads, but only if you're using the right system. The RPM Conversion System helps you decide if it's time to ramp it up or pack it in.

ISSUE 013: Checklist vs Task List

Checklist vs Task List. We break down the key differences between these tools that help you organize your work and ensure that all project tasks are completed.

ISSUE 012: Twelve Week Year

Looking for a way to optimize your business' productivity? Learn how to achieve your most important goals in less time using the twelve week year method.

ISSUE 011: Just Google It

“Just google it.” Google is more than just a search engine. It’s changed the way we live and do business. Digital Tradesman can help you get found in online.

ISSUE 010: Top 10 Keywords

Want to make sure your PPC campaign is successful? Make sure you target the right keywords! Get the Top 10 Keywords that convert and the ones you should avoid.

ISSUE 009: Nine On Nine

Learn how to best manage your Google ad budget with the help of nine on nine. Make the most of your advertising dollars and achieve better results.

ISSUE 008: Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball helps you make decisions about your future. We can't predict the future, but we can help you make better decisions about your ad campaigns.

ISSUE 007: Click Click Boom

Click click boom! Automate your Google Ads campaigns with PPCBOOM, an artificial intelligence tool that uses machine learning to optimize ads for maximum ROI.

ISSUE 006: The Sixth Sense

In the movie the sixth sense, they see dead people. With local ppc xray, we can show you all the ads that you cannot see. Get your xray today!

ISSUE 005: Five Star Contractors

When potential clients search online, they want to hire a five star contractor. Here's how you can get those five star reviews.

ISSUE 004: The First Four

Are you a contractor ready to achieve your sales and marketing goals? Spend the first four sharpening the axe so you can reach your targets faster.

ISSUE 003: Three Is A Magic Number

Every triangle has three corners and three sides. If you are running paid ads find out why three is a magic number when it comes to your Quality Score.

ISSUE 002: Two Tenths Of A Second

In Formula 1 racing, two tenths of a second is the difference between winning and losing. What does it take to beat your competition?

ISSUE 001: Something New For You

If you're a contractor looking for sales and marketing tips, then we have something new for you. Check out the first issue of The Dig by Digital Tradesman!