ISSUE #009

Nine On Nine

Why nine on nine?

Well, it’s the ninth issue, and it falls on the first of the ninth month of 2022.

Nine also happens to be one of my favorite numbers.

The baseball legend Ted Williams wore #9.

He played his whole baseball career for the Boston Red Sox (19 years).

In the middle of it, he served in the Marine Core during WWII (5 years).

Teddy Ballgame is 20th all-time Home Run hitter with 521 and was the last player to hit over .400 in a season.

He also holds a 69-year-old record at Fenway Park for the longest homerun.

A red seat in the right field bleachers marks the 502-foot homerun hit by Ted Williams on June 9, 1946.

I want to help you help a home run.

Here are nine tips to help you manage your ad budget.

This Week's Growth Tip

Nine tips for Google Ads budget management

  1. Set Your Goals To Set Your Budget
    • The results you’re after help to decide your goals.
  2. Connect Your Google Ads And Analytics Accounts
    • Better understand your customers’ actions once they click your ad and visit your site.
  3. Stick To Your Budget
    • Allow time for the results to roll in before you make another adjustment to your campaign.
  4. Save The Google Display Network For Later.
    • While display ads can reach a wider audience than search ads, conversions from display ads also tend to be lower, meaning you are spending more for less.
  5. Target Specific Locations
    • Tweak your Google Ads targeting settings to show your ads only to people searching close enough to visit.
  6. Target A Lower Position In Search Results
    • Ads that show in the fourth position or below may still get traffic with the benefit of a lower cost per click.
  7. Try Long-Tail Keywords
    • Longer keyword phrases are more specific and may attract people with a higher likelihood to buy, call or visit your business.
  8. Create Specific Campaigns
    • Create campaigns based on your specific product and services and organize your campaigns into product or service categories or themes.
  9. Monitor & Adjust
    • As long as your tracking and analytics are correctly set up, you can track the results of your online marketing campaigns and refine your strategies and budget whenever you want.

This Week's Announcement

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  • Increase Impression Share (IS)
  • Increase Click Through Rate (CTR).


  • Complicated workflows
  • Software that takes months to set up
  • Campaign rebuilds
  • Firing your existing ads person.

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