Contractor Logo And Branding

Custom logo design and brand identity for contractors.


Creating a solid representation of your brand


Establishing a brand is essential for any contractor positioning themselves in the marketplace.

Your brand and logo say a lot about who you are as a contractor.

The right combination of fonts, colors, and imagery creates a strong visual identity that is memorable and instills trust.

Branding is more than just a logo or a website, it encompasses the essence of your contracting business.

Your logo is often the first impression people have of your company. People you want to connect with are going to make judgments about the quality of you as a contractor based solely on your logo. Does your current logo accurately represent the quality of your organization and brand? Are you making the best possible first impression?


The main components of visual identity are logo, color, typography, and images.


A logo is what identifies your brand using a particular mark, type design, or both. The most effective logos tend to be fairly simple—something viewers will recognize and remember.

Every element of your logo contributes to your brand identity, including your font choice, colors, and other imagery. Change even one of these elements, and it can have a big impact on the way your brand is perceived.


Color helps define your brand in a very powerful way. Not only does it make a strong impression on the viewer, but it also creates a sense of unity when used across multiple projects or platforms.

Most brands derive their main colors directly from the company logo. Additional colors can help you expand the main palette and further define your brand's personality and style.


Text is one of the simpler aspects of visual identity, but it can be surprisingly expressive. All it takes is a different font, and you can subtly (or not so subtly) change the entire feel of your brand.

Most brands choose two to three fonts—often inspired by the logo—for basic, everyday use. Creative fonts should also be chosen with care and should be a reflection of your unique visual identity.



Images are a huge part of building a unique identity. Every photo, graphic, icon, and button is a chance to showcase your brand and shape the way it's perceived.

In professional settings, images are usually created specifically for the brand; for instance, pictures in a catalog or graphics in an app.

Types Of Contractor Logos

The styles of most logos can be broken down into five distinct categories:
emblems / combination marks / brand marks / letter marks / wordmarks


Although most logos are a combination of imagery, graphics, and typography, it’s worth noting that every style impacts your brand in its own unique way.

Since your logo is often the first thing a new customer will see, you need to make sure that you get it right.

The styles of most logos can be broken down into five distinct categories: emblems, combination marks, brand marks, letter marks, and wordmarks.

The Wordmark Logo

A wordmark, or “logotype”, is one of the simplest ways to begin creating a logo for your contracting business. It involves using your company name in a specific type of text.

The best way to make the most out of your wordmark is with a custom font that can work as part of your brand recognition strategy. Famous examples include Disney, Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Google.

A wordmark can be a great choice for a new contracting business because it helps to spread your name throughout your market. It also conveys a sense of stability and confidence. However, a long name may be difficult for your audience to remember.

The Lettermark Logo

Similar to a wordmark, the letter mark, or “monogram logo”, is another text-based solution for creating a contractor logo, based on the initials of the company, rather than the full name.

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. Some other famous examples include CNN, IGN, HBO, and even NASA.

A letter mark logo is often the ideal choice for companies who have names too long to remember or pronounce easily.

It can also be ideal for big companies who have grown out of the need to use their entire name.

The Brandmark Logo

Known to some as a “pictorial” logo, the brandmark doesn’t contain any text at all.

Instead, it’s all about creating a brand logo with an image, symbol, or icon that represents the fundamental nature of the brand.

Consider the Apple silhouette, for example, the Twitter bird, the Nike Swoosh, or the Houzz logo above.

A brandmark is great for building relationships with an audience because the brain is more responsive to pictures than written text.

However, the value of a brandmark relies on your audience’s ability to perceive what the picture means. The last thing you want to do is confuse people. Our motto here is: when you confuse, you lose.

The Combinationmark Logo

As its name might suggest, a combination mark uses a collection of symbols and wordmarks.

For instance, famous examples include Microsoft, Doritos, Xbox, Adidas, McDonald’s, or Salesforce logo above.

Known to some as “iconic” logotypes, these visual elements focus on creating a brand logo that combines creativity with clarity.

Because you get a brand name, and an image, you can establish an emotional connection with your audience, while improving awareness and recognition at the same time.

Plus, the complexity of these logos makes them far easier to trademark.

The Emblem

Finally, similarly to a combination mark, an emblem involves both symbols and text, but in these cases, the text is located within the symbol.

For instance, famous examples include Ford, Starbucks, UPS, NFL, and featured above is WordPress.

An emblem is a less flexible solution to creating a brand logo than a combination mark because the elements are harder to separate.

However, they can offer an air of authority and history to a modern-day brand.


Okay, so you know which “styles” of logo you can choose from.

Now, you just need to focus on making your logo as effective as possible.

Before you start sketching or turning to experts for help on how to create a brand logo, you’ll need to establish a plan of action that takes into account the 5 Factors to consider when creating a contractor logo.

That means designing a Brand Strategy.


To Consider When Creating A Contractor Logo

  • Simple: Simple logos are easier to recognise and remember.
  • Memorable: The best logos set your brand apart, and distinguish you as unique.
  • Timeless: A logo needs to be able to evolve and adapt to the trends.
  • Versatile: A logo should be available in a range of sizes, colours, and mediums.
  • Appropriate: Great logos are appropriate for the brand’s intended audience.

Branding Your Contracting Business

Three Core Phases of Branding

Brand Strategy

The blueprint for how you want the world to see your contracting business.

Brand Strategy is a critical and foundational piece for building a successful brand. It’s one of the areas that most businesses overlook because they jump right into marketing.

Brand Identity

The way that you convey your brand's visuals, messaging, and experience.

Your brand identity should be applied across all channels consistently to become recognizable. This includes your logo, colors and fonts, website design, content, advertising, print or packaging, and more.

Brand Marketing

The way that contractors highlight and bring awareness to products or services by connecting values and voice to the right audience through strategic communication.

Choosing the right brand marketing strategy is essential for a successful contractor.

Contractor Brand Identity

When you begin the branding process, what you’re attempting to create is an identity.

What is Brand Identity for Contractors?

This is the way you want the world to see your contracting business. It encompasses all the concepts from logos to branding.

A brand identity is the result of a consistent branding strategy.

It includes all the touchpoints your contracting business uses to express your core values and overall image.

Brand identities encompass a variety of items that all serve a unique purpose to become memorable and highlight what your stand for.

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from the endless sea of competitors and shows your customers who you are and what they can expect from working with you.

If you want your brand to be perceived in a positive light, it’s crucial that you nail your brand identity and create designs that accurately portrays who your contracting business is to employees, partners, and clients.


Your Logo

The most outward visual representation of your brand identity


Radio ads, podcasts, and any other audio communications

Marketing Materials

Visual materials on your website, advertisements, brochures, and flyers


Interior and exterior signage for your contracting business

Business Materials

Invoices, documents, presentations, business cards, and more


Communication with your audience, either directly or indirectly


Packaging design and material need to fit your brand image

Vehicle Wraps

Boost brand awareness by turn your work truck into a rolling billboard


To Branding Your Contracting Business

What is Branding for Contractors?

As a contractor, you should not put all the weight of your brand on your logo.

Your brand is the complete story of what you want to communicate about your business, and the perception that you leave in the hearts and minds of your audience.

That’s why before you even think about creatives, logos, or marketing – you must have clarity on what your brand truly includes.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the representation of your brand, it could be a visual representation like a name or a logo.

Brand Positioning

Your contractor marketing strategy is the key to your brand positioning, it is the place you occupy in the minds of clients and how you differ from the competition.

Brand Communication

Your brand should express the core values and benefits of you working with your company. This needs to be done regularly through your marketing initiatives.

Brand Perception

Your brand needs to occupy the minds of your local market. Brand perception can be properly managed with your website, publications, interviews, articles, etc.

Brand Promise

Your brand value gets stronger in the mind of your clients when you deliver on your promise. What can you guarantee can you make to show you are the best?


Make it easy for clients to choose you.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

In an oversaturated market, clients can be overwhelmed with options.

What drives success and differentiates one contractor from another is branding.

A well-designed brand creates an experience, cultivates community, and amplifies client demand.

Our Brand Design Services Include:

  • Brand Development
  • Visual Communication
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Collateral Design
  • Print Collateral Design

Logo Design

This includes any identifiable company logos; your primary logo, any secondary logos, custom marks and/or brand icons.

Brand Identity

This includes custom color palettes, typography styling, font pairings and hierarchy, color usage guidelines, and any other details that define the tone and mood of your brand.


This can be custom brand patterns or textures, custom illustrations, or additional brand imagery such as stock photography consulting/curation or custom brand photography consulting to aid in brand recognition.


Any items to assist in your brand’s marketing through the use of printed items; business cards, brand stationery, packaging, signage, or physical products.


Any items to assist in your brand’s marketing via digital platforms such as social media, online directories, email marketing, and other online advertising; social media graphics, social media templates, profile and cover photos, email marketing templates, and beyond.


This includes any identifiable company logos; your primary logo, any secondary logos, custom marks and/or brand icons.

Our Contractor Logo Design & Brand Development Process

No proprietary nonsense, false promises, or lies.
Honest, ethical work, done right.

Our Process is why it works.

What can you expect from the Digital Tradesman logo design and branding process?

A few elements that come to mind are research, strategy, and trust.

Your goals and objectives come first.

Your project is unique from every other project and requires a trusting relationship, thoughtful approach, and unique strategy.

Our contractor branding packages are designed to provide you with the perfect foundation to meet your immediate design needs while providing you with the right tools and resources to support your brand as your contracting business continues to grow.

All brand design projects take between 4 – 6 weeks to complete (completely dependent upon client response time and project scope.)

Digital Tradesman Logo & Branding Process

  • Logo Discovery & Research
  • Creative Logo Design & Brand Development
  • Reviewing, Revising, & Finalizing Your Logo
  • Architecture & Guidelines
  • Brand Launch & Implementation

Logo Discovery & Research

During the contractor logo research and discovery process, our top priority is learning everything about your company.

We immerse ourselves in your business and gather insights from all the perspectives that interact with your brand.

Our team is committed to uncovering perceptions and insights so we can create a logo and brand that not only looks amazing but resonates with your audience: employees, clients, or other contractors.

We’ll dive into everything from company history, competition, target audiences, and focus on what makes you unique and differentiates you from your competition.

All of this information will be used so we can deliver a logo design and create your brand.

Creative Logo Design & Brand Development

After assessing all of the information captured during the logo discovery and research process, we start on the logo design and development process.

The logo design process begins with sketching, brainstorming, and of course, many many logo iterations.

We develop logo concepts and start narrowing in on what designs accurately capture your brand.

We then select initial logo concepts and dive into font treatments, colors, and brand architecture to see how your logo will look across your organization.

This is where things start to come to life.

Reviewing, Revising, & Finalizing Your Logo

We present final logo design concepts to you, along with logo variations, font treatments, and color palette options, and explorations.

To put things into context, we dive into what your logo will look like in real life.

These might include mockups for t-shirts, vehicles, print ads, yard signs, or other instances where you'd like to see your new logo.

We present all of these options and ideas for your consideration along with the rationale of reason.

It’s a very collaborative approach where we discuss thoughts, reactions, and feedback so we can adjust the logo options to meet your needs.

Brand Architecture & Guidelines

Brand architecture, or the way multiple brands align within your organization, should be considered as you think about your brand image, marketing efforts, and the overall general impression of your organization.

Digital Tradesman will help you determine the best brand architecture and alignment strategy for your organization.

We learn in great detail about each brand, including strengths and weaknesses, competition, current market position, as well as short-term and long-term objectives.

Brand Launch & Implementation

During this phase, we finalize any aspects of the logo based on any feedback gathered during the presentation.

We will finalize the logo concepts, develop a style guide that lists everything you need to know about your brand, and prep final logo files.

Once the style guide is complete, it’s time to start implementing your new logo.

We create a custom identity kit that includes business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and everything you need to start promoting your new brand.

We work with you to prioritize what items are updated or developed first and continue implementing your new logo and brand identity.


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