ISSUE #007

Click Click Boom


Remember that song by Saliva? It was in the Fast & Furious movie, too.

Hard to believe that song came out in 2001!

At the time, the internet was still so new. Most companies didn’t even have a website.

Google was in its infancy, having only been started three years prior.

A lot has changed since then. Google, now Alphabet, is currently worth $1549 Billion.

The google ads platform is a cash cow expected to pull in more than $70 Billion this year alone.

Yes, billions with a B.

If you are advertising on google, you know how expensive clicks can be.

Click click boom. There goes your budget.

Don’t let Google steal all your money. You need it more than they do.

This Week's Growth Tip

If you are running google ads, you need to focus on the negatives. I am referring to negative keywords, of course.

Adding negative keywords to your campaign tells google not to show your ads for irrelevant search terms.

You need to be adding negative keywords to your campaigns. Not doing this practically allows google to take money from your pocket.

Unfortunately, an important task that is often neglected because it is time-consuming.

Let’s not just focus on the negatives.

Let’s look on the bright side; there is something you can do about it.

The best part is that it doesn’t require much to take advantage of.

This Week's Announcement

Optimize your google ads campaigns using negative keyword technology.

Introducing PPCBOOM!


Automate your Google Ads campaigns with an artificial intelligence tool that uses machine learning to optimize ads for maximum ROI.

It has been mathematically proven to consistently improve your google ads performance.

You can save time and money on your Google Ads campaigns and experience the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Get more bang for your buck without blowing your budget.

Check out PPCBOOM.



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