ISSUE #013

Checklist vs Task List

Checklist vs task list. Did you know that they aren’t the same thing?

Both tools help you organize your work and ensure that all project tasks are completed, but there is a key difference.

This Week's Growth Tip

The difference between a checklist and a task list is that a checklist also includes pre-steps.

A checklist is often used for more complex tasks that require multiple steps to be completed in a specific order.

For example, when flying an airplane, pilots use checklists to ensure a smooth flight.

Checklists are often static, while task lists can be dynamic.

Checklists are often used for quality control, while task lists are used for project coordination.

One of the greatest benefits of checklists is that they help prevent mistakes.

Everyone is prone to making errors and mistakes.

There are two kinds of errors we make.

  • Error 1: Ignorance (you didn’t know what you didn’t know.)
  • Error 2: Ineptitude (you did not utilize your knowledge or skills.)

Checklists, as it turns out a great way to ensure that you are always crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s, especially if you are doing a process more than once.

This Week's Announcement

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I understand the power of checklists, so as a bonus, I want to give you a couple of ours.

The clock is ticking if you are using Google Analytics and have not yet set up Google Analytics 4.

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Use our Google Analytics 4 46-Point Setup Checklist so you can run GA4 alongside Google Analytics Universal and track web properties on both platforms.
This is the same proven checklist we use to get accounts set up and configured properly.

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And as an additional bonus, if you are running Google Ads, I want to give you access to our PPC Ads Audit 61-Point Checklist.

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