Contractor Website - Rescue Remodel

Previous web designer mess up? Dissatisfied with the work? Abandon you all together?

Digital Tradesman can rescue your contractor website!

Contractor website in need of a WordPress Rescue?


It’s impossible for you to make simple changes to your website

Your website design is from 2004... or you lost your website vendor

You’re losing business because customers can’t access your website on mobile

You’ve added new services, but can’t add them to your website

Customers can’t find you on Google because you’re on the 17th page of search results

You can't name your hosting provider

Digital Tradesman has over 10 years of WordPress development and WordPress support / WordPress Rescue experience, assisting contractors throughout North America in keeping their WordPress websites online and functioning optimally.


Technology is constantly evolving. It’s an obvious statement, and the implication is clear: to keep up, your business has to evolve, too. But staying up-to-date with ever-changing technology can be overwhelming for many. All it takes is one piece of outdated technology or your website vendor closing shop to prevent your system from communicating efficiently.

When WordPress came along, many hailed it as the “be-all and end-all” of open source technology. Yes, WordPress is easier to customize and maintain than older technologies (like websites built in Flash) but the pitfalls can be just as great.

WordPress still needs to be updated and customized to work seamlessly with new and changing technologies. And with a turbulent workplace environment—new people constantly coming and going—“solutions” are all too often temporary fixes rather than solid foundations for future growth.

We Specialize In WordPress

What causes issues with a WordPress site?

From our experience, the #1 cause of issues that require a WordPress Rescue is out-dated or broken plugins.

There are over 55,000 approved plugins on, and tens of thousands more available on various places on the internet.

Plugins generally work well when they are first developed, but they can become outdated as the WordPress core updates, and even become security issues that are easily exploited by hackers.

Examples of issues or changes done on WordPress websites as part of a WordPress Rescue:

  • Fix of WordPress website errors.
  • Changing the layout of a site's content area to make the site look more attractive to website visitors.
  • Getting broken / hacked WordPress websites back online.
  • Migration of WordPress sites from one hosting platform to another.
  • Fixing or replacing broken plugins to ensure that all content is easy for your website visitors to access.
  • Add of new features to a WordPress website to encourage customer engagement and drive more warm leads to the website owner.
  • Find and remove any malicious code that may have been added to your WordPress website.

Technical assistance we can help with

Your online presence is very important to your business.

For Contractor Websites

  • Recover expired or deleted websites
  • Secure websites held by other services providers
  • Update old websites that you don't have access to
  • Add SSL Certificates to old websites
  • Fix Service Denial or Google Chrome Warnings
  • Create mobile websites for older sites without rebuilding your site
  • 404 Errors and broken links fixed

For Contractor Domains

  • Recover expired or deleted Domains
  • Recover Domains held by other service providers
  • Fix Blacklisted Domains
  • Help find new domains for your business
  • Setup emails tied to your domain

For Contractor Social Media

  • Recover social media accounts where you have been locked out
  • Claim business listings and verify accounts
  • Updates to Google Business Listings
  • Setup blog sites for your business​


Everyone knows someone who had a bad website experience. Over the years we have heard people talk about it taking months just to get a coming soon page up. Sadly it's not uncommon for a designer to take a deposit for the project and never hear from the person again… Web people are flaky, it's a problem.

What if you can’t get ahold of your web person?

Half the new clients that come to us say this in the first meeting. This is our norm, but there are things that make this a sticky situation. Mostly with finding logins.

Ideally, you the business owner have the login to your domain Registar (hopefully at a tier 1 domain company like Godaddy, Network Solutions, or You need this to Point the domain to new hosting or email services.

The domain is the top-level login, and if you can’t log in to an account and see your domain name or a settings area with the domain in it, you might not actually have control of your own domain.

Everything should be in the business owners name

Sometimes it's easier for a web person to just set up all these accounts for you. The problem is when they use a reseller account, or don’t hand over the logins before they disappear.

3 Important logins contractors should have

  • Domain name login
  • Web hosting login
  • Website admin login (if the site has a backend edit area)

Domain wrangling

There are times when we need to help find what accounts are holding these domains, or help tracking down company phone numbers to help us regain control of a website. This is where we come in. If you want some help wrangling some of your web entities, contact us.


We’re around today because of our reputation, not our advertising budget

There are plenty of SEO and web design agencies, but very few that really know contractor marketing. That’s where we come in. We’re a full-service contractor web design and internet marketing agency that solely works with contractors.

Unlike other contractor marketing firms, we're a small operation that offers our clients the service and attention they deserve. When you work with Digital Tradesman, you'll never have to deal with complicated phone systems, ill-trained account managers, or annoying sales jargon. We believe in transparency, results, and a superior product you'll be proud of.

When working with Digital Tradesman, you'll never have to worry about different levels of service, silly upcharges, or bait-and-switch schemes. Every part of your website, marketing campaign, and deliverables will receive the best quality service and deliverables available. Simply put, if it's not something our clients will be proud of, we're not doing it. Our reputation is everything to us.

Our Expertise

We don't offer everything, because if we did we wouldn't be very good at it.
This is what we specialize in.

Web Design
for Contractors

We built brilliant websites that include all the modern-day features you'll need to impress and convert visitors into clients.

for Contractors

Nobody looks on the second page of Google to find a contractor. We create proven search engine marketing campaigns that put our clients at the top of search engines.

Paid Advertising
for Contractors

If you're looking to make your phone ring now, pay-per-click and display advertising is your best bet. Paired with search engine optimization, you've got a recipe for success.

for Contractors

Need a logo? A well-branded company has the ability to be recognized, earn loyalty, and define themselves within their market. We will create an entire visual identity for you. 


Than Other Contractor Marketing Agencies?

Complete Transparency

Know exactly what you’re paying for, and exactly what we’re doing at all times. We’ll never leave you in the dark, or hide behind sales jargon.

One Client Per Market

We will never work with multiple contractors in the same area. As long as you’re with us, we’ll never work with your competitors, period.

Proven Strategy

We’re veterans in both the internet marketing world and the construction industry. You’ll quickly see why our clients dominate on the web.

Unmatched Support & Service

Customer service is extremely important to us. Work directly with an actual marketer, not a sales person. We’re here for your questions.